6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Software House

5 Oct · 4 min read

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Software House

Does it make sense for you to start cooperating with a web development company and outsource your programming needs? Or, perhaps it would be better to create your development team or hire a freelancer? Below are some of the top advantages of choosing to go with a software house: 

What is a Software House?

Software House is a company specializing in software development. It is a broad definition that involves programming companies that produce software solely for specific business environments and individual programming studios. 

It also offer services, such as consulting, business analysis, UX and UI design, and SEO optimization. However, such companies usually do not provide marketing services or advertising, like an interactive agency in the world would do.

The top 6 advantages of a good software house are as follows: 

1) Technological specialization

Each web development company has its own tech stack, i.e., a set of technologies utilized by the company. A tech stack consists of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, UI and UX design tools, and server solutions. 

Such specialization allows us to gather more experience to implement new projects using specific technology and work optimization tools. Thus, expanding our knowledge base.

Freelancers can also specialize in multiple technologies. However, specialization in one type of technology makes it impossible to be aware of other technologies well enough. Therefore, the implementation of a complex project may sound next to impossible for a single freelancer. 

2) Design methods and efficient communication

Software houses must develop an efficient process of project implementation and communication with the client to survive in a competitive market. Experienced web development teams work in a highly structured environment. They use existing and proven methods such as agile, scrum, waterfall, etc. which improve efficiency and provide easy workflow between multiple people and complex projects. 

The implementation of an IT project is not just limited to programming. It is crucial to define the requirements and goals of the clients, prepare specifications and analyze solutions. Each of these steps is just as important as any other and, each has its methodologies and procedures. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the client to identify problems and monitor the workflow for the smooth execution of the project.

3) Quality of implementation

Since software houses focus on programming work, they can develop effective work implementation processes and delegate the best specialists to that work. The working environment requires continuous professional development, gathering experience, and improving individual skillsets.

Even though the skills and experience of freelancers may be significant, as they typically do not prefer working in organized teams where quality control is part of the process. Therefore, the customer must independently inspect the delivered product. 

4) Balancing budget control and flexibility

Creating a team of programmers often results in high maintenance costs for the team. Therefore, Outsourcing programming work to specialized programming companies allows you to reduce costs and only pay for what you need at that time. 

Cooperation with a software house on a fixed budget allows the client to control project implementation costs. There are methods and tools for monitoring work time and cost reporting, but they are still not as accurate or convenient as choosing to outsource. Furthermore, A software house can either estimate the total cost of work according to a fixed price or provide easily verifiable invoices.  

5) Time-saving

One of the benefits of hiring a software house is time-saving. Choosing a software house means clients no longer have to recruit programmers, verify their skills, and hire employees to oversee project coordination, produce reports, and handle testing.  

6) Post-implementation support

Most companies promise post-implementation support as part of any work agreement. At Smultron, we offer support for 12 months as it sounds quite reasonable and sufficient period. 

Despite extensive tests and quality control measures before completion, it is important to monitor newly implemented websites for at least a few weeks post initial launch. This allows room for the detection of errors and serves as a starting point for any further improvements or necessary developments.


To conclude, making the right choice for the project implementation method depends on several factors such as budget, schedule, complexity, technological requirements, and development prospects. 

The advantage of collaborating with a software house, as with most forms of outsourcing results in the convenience and flexibility of the agreement. This leads to smooth planning along with a clear definition of the framework and its overall cost. Thus, software houses guarantee the highest quality final product. 

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