5 Ways to Biohack Your Productivity

28 Oct · 5 min read

5 Ways to Biohack Your Productivity

These days, it seems like you can hack almost anything to get the most value for your money. 

From crossing miles for a trip around the world to getting free groceries. Won’t be it best if we could hack our minds and body? It would be amazing if we can discover their exact mechanisms so that we can always feel our best and have our bodies functioning at their finest. Welcome to the world of Biohacking! 

This blog will help you to discover the 5 Best Ways to biohack your productivity. 

What is Biohacking?

The process of "hacking" your body's biology and improving your lifestyle is known as "biohacking." 

 "You are what you eat" right? That truly holds true for everybody around us: Everything we put into our bodies—our diets, our thoughts, and our physical activity ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­affects us in every possible way. 

You can truly change your body through biohacking, which will make you feel more energized, productive, and overall, like the best version of yourself. 

It doesn't necessarily include acting like a mad scientist and performing bizarre experiments on your body. Instead, it entails experimenting with multiple habits to see which ones work best for you (which may differ greatly from what works for Susan down the street!) and utilizing them to live your greatest life possible. 

Now, some people will tell you that you need to biohack yourself with all kinds of tools and measurements, but there's something to be said for the tried-and-true method of making minor lifestyle adjustments, giving your body some time to adjust, and then seeing how you feel. Your body will reciprocate based on its likes and dislikes. 

Biohacking vs. Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the use of biological methods or processes for commercial or other objectives. A more general word for this form of technical development entails using live systems and organisms for creation and modification. 

When it comes to creating or utilizing new biohacking technologies, biohackers frequently draw inspiration from developments in biotechnology research. Biotechnology is not necessary or involved in holistic biohacking, which comprises adopting a biohacking diet or lifestyle. 

5 Practical Ways to BioHack

Limit Blue Light

Limiting your exposure to blue light is one of the best methods to improve your sleep and concentration, even if it might seem apparent. Blue light not only keeps your brain active but also inhibits the formation of melatonin. You're more likely to feel better if you're exposed to less blue light. 

Try it on your own start by cutting back on nighttime exposure. All electronic gadgets should be turned off and put away for the final hour before bed. Do the same thing for the first hour after you wake up once you've gotten used to that. It's likely that if you spend less of your spare time away from screens, you'll feel less worn out throughout the workday. 


For many people, like myself, deep meditation requires a lot of practice—years, at times. Numerous apps are available to guide you there. My favorite meditation tool is the Vungle, which is about the size of a thinly sliced pear and speeds up the process of profound meditation. The gadget vibrates your vagus nerve while playing music. 

The vagus branch of the autonomic nervous system "speaks directly to your perception of vibration and sound," according to vungle. Each session is a synchronized soundscape that may be felt as well as heard at the same time. Your body responds to this in a way that strengthens and tones your vagus nerve. 

Use Technology to Help Productivity

As was previously mentioned, your mind is founded on dynamic processes, and even as you sleep, your cells continue renewing themselves. Every morning, you practically awaken as a new person. This implies that you have complete control over your ability to increase your productivity. You must consistently condition yourself in a number of ways to preserve your ability to focus, achieve more, and produce greater results if you want to harness that power. 

Thankfully, technology can be helpful if you need assistance with that conditioning. The following tech-biohacks are well-known among experts on productivity. 

Improve Your Gut Health

A complete microbiome lives inside your digestive system. You feel more positive when they're content and healthy. However, if they're out of balance, you could feel exhausted, lethargic, and bloated. Focus on gut-healing foods, vitamins, and dietary practices to balance your gut. 

Try it on your own Start by including fermented foods in your diets, such as kimchi and kombucha. You might also try a light intermittent fast, which can make your gut's microbial population denser. You might observe that you don't crash after lunch or that your want to nibble is lessened. 

Prioritize your sleep

According to Lee Mullins, the creator of Workshop Gymnasium, "Sleep is the number one tool for everything.” If your aim is more energy, weight loss, enhanced hair, skin, and nails, or better mental health- good sleep is the first step. According to Gray, a proponent of blue-light-blocking eyewear, "blue light prevents humans from secreting melatonin, which is required for normal sleep." Mullins asserts that body heat can affect the quality of sleep. Purchase a mattress pad with temperature control so you may choose the optimal environment for sleeping. 


You will reach a high level of focus and productivity if you follow the above-mentioned techniques. Getting into the flow, the condition where you lose track of time and feel unadulterated delight while doing what you do best is the final piece of the puzzle. You must train your mind to access flow using methods similar to those mentioned above: you must create the ideal atmosphere and prevent distractions. All the very best! 

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