Top 5 Healthcare Software Applications for Patients in 2023

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Top 5 Healthcare Software Applications for Patients in 2023

80% of healthcare providers have decided to invest more in technology and digital solutions in the coming 5 years!

It took us an entire pandemic to understand the repercussions of unstructured medical systems, a lack of ground-breaking technologies, and a void of Health-Tech awareness. What followed was a global wave of health technology innovation.

The healthcare industry stepped up as VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and ML (Machine Learning) sailed the ship for many industries.

Here are 5 cutting-edge health technology software applications you must know about:


Xircle is an AI-powered healthcare software application known for providing clear and safe pharmaceutical knowledge to patients and healthcare practitioners. 

Xircle's AI is designed and trained by certified physicians. Because of the advanced design and training, it is more efficient in understanding queries and providing real-time solutions. Prioritising relevance with advanced AI is one of its biggest USPs.

Behind Xircle's user-friendly UI and smooth technology, Voypost has made a considerable contribution. The team at Voypost helped develop and enhance the most interactive parts and products, like Xircle Assist & Xircle Reach. In a two-week sprint, Voypost developers made Xircle easily accessible and interactive. 

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2. Oracle Cerner

Oracle Cerner, formerly known as Cerner Corporation, is one of the most efficient healthcare software companies. The tech giant Oracle acquired Cerner Corporation for $22B, which shows the value Cerner holds in the healthcare industry. It was one of the first companies that brought innovation to the healthcare software industry. 

Oracle Cerner provides modern and reliable healthcare and pharmaceutical solutions. Its advanced analytics and cutting-edge data visualisation technology enhance the efficiency of tracking, documenting, and analysing a patient's health. 

Besides all these advanced technologies, Oracle Cerner provides free, quality content on healthcare and pharmaceuticals. On the Oracle Cerner website, you can access some of the best healthcare blogs, in-depth podcasts, and many more things. All these things together make Oracle Cerner a great healthcare software for everyone. 

3. MindMaze

MindMaze is a healthcare software companycreating a revolution in the science of Neurotherapy and is considered the pioneer of Digital Neurotherapeutics. It combines deep Neural Science concepts and advanced technology to provide digital medical assistance to all mental illness patients. Their products and services are effective for all people recovering from brain illnesses like brain injury and stroke. 

MindMaze was launched in 2016, and currently, they're present in more than 20+ countries. Currently, they've served more than 10,000+ mentally ill patients and are working with 75+ mental hospitals to cure patients using Digital Neurotherapeutics. Using user-friendly UI and advanced technologies, MindMaze has developed a platform that helps patients cure neurorehabilitation from their homes. 

In October 2021, MindMaze got an investment of USD $125M to accelerate their Digital Neurotherapeutics operations. Founder of MindMaze Tej Tadi believes that using technology and VR can eliminate all the inefficiencies present in mental health treatment. Because of their innovation and contribution, they were featured in magazines like Forbes, The Guardian, FT, Sky News, and others. 


Another great healthcare software is Corti provides medical consultation and assistance to patients and healthcare practitioners. With its smart technologies and trained AI, it brings relevancy, trust, and safety to its pharmaceutical suggestions. 

The AI analyses all the inputs through speech recognition and language processing and smoothens the tasks of patient calls, scheduling medicine time, and giving auto-suggestions. 

Corti's AI studies each patient and comes up with customised auto-suggestions for other patients with the same problem. They prepare the most relevant and effective solutions for patients by combining all the data and stats. Corti is designed and trained by the best medical practitioners from around the world, and that enhances the patient's experience. 

Till now, Corti has given medical consultations to 16,588,246+ patients from all over the world!

They aim to develop the world's smartest medical and pharmaceutical consultation assistant. 

Like, Voypost has contributed considerably to Corti's well-structured UI and well-functioning AI voice assistant. Building the patient's dashboard was one of the biggest challenges that Voypost developers faced. Using advanced technologies, Voypost designed a well-structured user dashboard for the patients to get all the data in one place and navigate through the suggestions. The credit goes to Voypost developers for making Corti more accessible and patient-friendly

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5. Medipredict

Medipredict is a software solution that helps individuals evaluate their health. It is a health evaluation software company based on efficiency, personalised predictions, and preventive solutions. 

Medipredict collects a patient's medical data, interprets health patterns, and analyses disease probabilities to develop the most advanced and effective medical solutions. They have got an efficient setup for medical data generation and analysis. Accurate data analysis and real-time medical suggestions give them an edge over other health evaluation software. 

Things were only sometimes that smooth for Medipredict. Generating tons of medical data, structuring it, and garnering insights demanded advanced technological solutions. Bishop & Co. Bishop & Co. helped them develop and structure the most crucial software components like Admin Portal, Patient Portal, and Cloud Automation. 

Admin Portal is where all the data gets updated, and medical professionals review them. Building this portal was the biggest challenge for Bishop & Co. developers. Developing visualisation portals for medical professionals and patients showcasing rapidly changing data and continuous data inputs was hard. To increase Medipredict's accessibility and scalability, Bishop & Co. developers implemented AWS cloud solutions. All of these factors combined to make Medipredict one of the most advanced, accurate, and trustworthy health evaluation software.

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