4 Habits to Avoid to Improve Remote Work Productivity

04 January5 min read
4 Habits to Avoid to Improve Remote Work Productivity

The success or failure of your at-home workplace is wholly dependent on how you choose to spend your time. Knowing the indications and symptoms of unhealthy, inefficient habits and knowing how to get back to a state of increased happiness, well-being, and productivity is crucial for remote workers. 

With this article, you'll gain insight into the pitfalls to avoid and the steps to take to maximize remote job productivity and personal time management. 

What Can Affect your Productivity in a Remote Setting?

#1 Procrastination 

Many of us fall into the procrastination trap when it comes to our professional lives. To be fully honest, we understand that doing the same thing repeatedly might be exhausting. Reduce the number of distractions around you to start. Once your mind is less clouded by distractions, make a list of all the things you need to get done today. You'll be very relaxed if the tedious work is finished first. Make a deal with yourself that if you do each task, you will receive a reward. Then see how fulfilling it is to finish your tasks. Use this approach consistently until it comes naturally. 

#2 Lack of Breaks 

The biggest enemy of productivity is exhaustion. Unfortunately, everyone eventually needs to get some sleep. You'll grow fatigued and your performance will suffer if you don't take the time you need to unplug and recharge. Schedule breaks so you remember to take them.  

Avoid using breaks to respond to emails or do anything else work-related because doing so will prevent you from switching off for a while and allow you to resume the chores feeling more refreshed. It's great to take advantage of these moments to chat with neighbors or step outside for some sunshine and fresh air. 

#3 Poor Time Management 

Being able to manage your time is a crucial skill to master when there are duties and other family members who are continuously tugging at your metaphorical skirts. Time is a fickle gentleman. Making a timetable and being able to multitask will help you make the most of the time you have available. It takes practice to learn how to manage your time, but the evolution of technology has gifted us so many tools for better time management. There are multiple applications that may help you increase productivity and save a lot of time. 

#4 No Planning 

It's true that getting ready for work is less of a hassle when working from home than when going to an office every morning. However, it doesn't follow that getting out of bed and heading straight to your desk to start your workday is a good idea. When you don't have a plan of action when you start each workday, it leads to failure. It's most likely to start on a trip without a map. 

You just carry out duties randomly throughout the day without setting priorities for your objectives. You could find it difficult to remember everything that has to be done and meet deadlines because you don't have a routine to follow. 

We suggest you create a routine that includes exercise, healthy diet, and proper sleep. 

4 Amazing Tips to Boost Productivity

1) Create a Clocking-out Ritual 

Fragmentation is a vital strategy for people who work from home because it may make or break productivity. Concentration is enhanced by putting everything in a box, whether literal or metaphorical. Breaks for relaxation and social interaction have been found to be especially helpful. Short breaks at work help to restore your mental and psychical functional systems. A relaxing break can also aid in resetting your mood, enhancing positive well-being, and lowering stress. Clocking out is not easy, but it is necessary in a virtual environment where we might always be available. 

2) Prioritizing work 

Remote employees must be extremely motivated and proficient at time management because no one is constantly keeping an eye on our tasks or managing our time for us. While keeping track of a calendar and to-do list can be challenging for any employee, remote workers with more flexible, free-form schedules and bosses who are located abroad occasionally find it to be more challenging. Creating a plan with set priorities for daily tasks will help you function better and boost your productivity. Take up one task at a time and finish it off. 

3) Create Your Day as you Like 

Make a daily plan. Working with a timetable or calendar is effective. You need to establish some kind of alignment among the chaos in order to feel organized and in control. Without a plan, it's easy to get overwhelmed and end up working too much (skipping lunch or working late into the evening, neither of which are wonderful for productivity but are a fast way to burn out and feel guilty about your work/life balance). Without a structure, you run the risk of developing unhealthy habits and underproducing. Plan your day to maximize your chances of success and productivity.

4) Have a designated workspace

Working should not be allowed in resting areas. Distraction is the quickest way to shrink productivity and jeopardize the quality of your work. However, a poor and unhealthy work-life balance also has a negative impact on productivity. It's important to set work aside after work because resentment will start to fester if you can't spend time with your family or friends without being reminded of the demands of work. What happens next? You start to hate your job, you lose excitement and productivity, and you feel pressured to make changes for the better. 


Our lives have been drastically changed by the culture of remote work. Employees can integrate their work around their own schedules when they work remotely. It's no longer merely a 9-to-5 job. Don't be concerned about an employee's potential work schedule or the number of hours. Instead, keep track of the tasks they complete and the deadlines they meet. If remote culture is well understood, it has several advantages. If you have any of the aforementioned behaviors, get rid of them to increase your productivity. You can accelerate your growth by using the advice already given.

Best of luck!