14 Top Ruby on Rails Development Tools for 2021

25 Mar · 1 min read

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Hello, my name is Kazimierz Szołtysik, and I have been a Ruby developer at Railwaymen since July 2020. Since 2015 I have been consistently writing and developing applications in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Why Ruby? Because in my opinion, it is the most readable and elegant of all backend languages ​​I have come across so far. Programming in it is a lot of fun, and you can create a very clear and extremely readable code in it. Why Ruby on Rails? Because thanks to creating this framework in 2015, it became possible to develop fully independent web applications using the Ruby language.

Yes, it is possible to code very advanced applications with Ruby on Rails. Take a look at one of our projects that I am part of. James Marketing Amplifier is a marketing automation web app dedicated to small law firms. We built this web application from scratch. The scope of the project includes Frontend, Backend, Quality Assurance, and UX/UI design. We already implemented some exciting features such as Branded Documents, Files Library, Client Lifecycle, User & Admin Panel, Statistics. The project is still ongoing, and we are working on new functionalities...

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