12 eCommerce Apps to Get Inspiration From in 2023 and Beyond

1 Dec · 6 min read

12 eCommerce Apps to Get Inspiration From in 2023 and Beyond

eCommerce is growing beyond expectations, and there are leaders to take some inspiration from. If you are an entrepreneur or a business enthusiast and looking to start your own business, then this is the right place for you. Here are some examples:

1) Wayfair: Wayfair is an American e-commerce company that delivers home furnishings, décor, home modification, etc. It is the world’s largest online website for anything related to home décor because Wayfair is constantly inventing creative technology features in its mobile application that change the way somebody shops for their homes. The mobile application is technically skilled enough to virtually turn the house with your preferred furniture and decor with the help of augmented reality technology. This feature makes shopping from home very easy because with this feature now customers can visualize furniture and decor in their house. This app also helps customers to do online shopping with conviction and trust in their judgment.

2) Taggshop- Taggshop is an E-commerce app for other stores to integrate the Shoppable features of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., and customer reviews on their website to increase sales and engagement to enhance their overall shopping experience. Big companies are also using Taggshop to build social media campaigns because it improves e-commerce websites with its promising shoppable galleries. Shoppable galleries provide social media content to attract customers. Also, a feature called the shoppable hotspots allows retailers to add product tags that support the customers to get to the product. Customers can also submit their photo or video reviews.

3) SMSBump: SMSBump is an application that is used in SMS & email marketing campaigns where you can increase your reach and sales through SMS & email lists. You can choose an SMS template from their library and then automate it to engage with customers in real-time and maximize the interaction of every customer. SMS marketing is still very important to grow in a very privacy-centered customer. SMSBump helps you in message marketing to truly maximize the impact with the most useful and effective tools that allow you to take advantage of a return on investment and gain a digital presence to create dedicated customers. This application also offers customization and personalization features where you can ensure the message will get to the right customer at the right time. With SMS campaigns, SMSBump also lets you communicate with consumers which will help them to improve engagement.

4) Sephora: Sephora is a French e-commerce company of personal care and beauty products. It features many products like the Sephora Collection, Sephora skincare, Sephora fragrance, etc. from their own label and other products also of almost 340 brands. It also has 1,750 retail stores across 30 countries. The success of the brand is achieved with the help of the Sephora application that benefits its shoppers. In the app, customers are allowed to virtually try different makeup with the Sephora Virtual Artist feature. It has almost 200 million shades of lips, lashes, and foundation which has brought 8.5 million customer visits and 2+ million downloads. It also offers loyalty and gift cards, and personalized alerts about offers available in-store.

5) Alibaba: It is an E-commerce app for international trade. Alibaba allows you to buy and sell items across countries. It offers quality manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, importers, and wholesalers at reasonable prices which makes the company a huge success. Alibaba’s Inspection Service verifies all the orders to match the quality which were offered. Alibaba's application also helps the customer in many ways such as translating the product description and features into their preferred language in real-time, a fast shipping option is also available, if your product somehow does not get delivered then you will get a refund because all the purchases are also totally protected by Alibaba Trade Assurance. You can subscribe to their newsletter to get alerts on the newest discounts.

6) Boxed: Boxed is a direct delivery of groceries and household products in bulk. Boxed offers a very easy-to-use application that lets consumers shop for wholesale products without having wholesale club membership. Boxed customers can use the feature of bulk shopping on their smartphones and can create curated shopping lists for particular occasions to save the time of customers. Boxed uses machine learning to anticipate when its consumers are running low on a product. They will send a reminder so they can easily re-order the products. Boxed offers deals for customers in the Sale section to make shopping more rewarding.

7) Pinterest Pins: Pinterest is an American company that offers image sharing. It is also a social media platform that was developed to save and find information online with the help of images, GIFs, and videos in the form of pinboards. It gives content to the users and allows brand discovery, users can also buy products through Pinterest buyable pins. Pinterest focuses more on the quality of pictures as Pinterest is a visual platform.

8) Rewind: Rewind is a cloud backup service that specializes in helping companies to save their data so that companies can run without trouble. Backup services are for accounting, development, and E-commerce software. Rewind saves data and assists in protecting the company's cloud data. It also holds a constant backup of the whole store. Backing up helps if any data such as images, descriptions, themes, etc. get lost or deleted then you can restore them, you can even recover multiple items at the same time. Rewind makes your company run smoothly by saving and protecting lost productivity and data.

9)  Octane AI: Octane AI is an all-in-one platform for engaging quizzes, data collection, and gamification which can directly boost the no. of comments, active users, and repeat visits. Octane AI aspires to understand more about consumers in a funnier and effortless way with their personalized and engrossing quizzes. Octane AI allows brands to maximize store visits and enhance consumer acquisition by strategically recognizing everything. Octane AI allows you to get relevant details from shoppers via a personalized product quiz and then the information gets synced into email and SMS to create a custom experience based on customers' needs and preferences because they use gamification of quizzes which are made simple and entertaining for the buyer.  

10) Promo.com: Promo.com is a video maker that stocks videos, photos, video clips, and music to create videos with a cloud-based video creation service. This application is a video-making tool that brings any idea to the screen in just a few minutes. It is also a free app that allows you to create product videos from videos advertisement to social media stories etc. Video creation on Promo.com is very easy and needs no effort to create, you have to just select the type of video and the product you want to promote. Promo.com selects all the already existing images and videos on the website to make a promotional video. Also, it gives you access to choose from various templates.

11) Justuno: Justuno helps with marketing from email list development to promotions with the help of analytics tracking in real-time. Justuno app optimizes conversion rate which is influenced by many factors from capturing tools like pop-ups to personalized targeting with the help of email and SMS. Artificial Intelligence is also used to create a personalized shopping experience for every customer and increase the success of your brand by automatically syncing between your marketing and all-around campaign performance to help you improve your company.

12) Snapchat: Snapchat  is a highly popular new social media platform, it uses AI technology to make filters look realistic. Also, other big brands can create filters for their products that allow users to try these filters which makes the platform very user-friendly.  

We hope this article was helpful for you to understand and make use of it, to accomplish your business goals having the best insights in your hands.

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