How can we improve the performance of our corporate learning programs?

Java Jackal

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Answer by Howspace

When you start planning your next learning program, start by defining the journey you want to take the participants through - what does the journey look like for them, how can they be engaged before, after, and in between the live sessions. To gain deeper engagement, build excitement around the topic and the program, and allow participants to engage and build connections with each other.  

Social learning brings a whole new dimension to the learning program and when you invite people to share their reflections and learnings, the more likely they are to engage with each other. Think also about your role as a facilitator, how you can support the participants on their journey, and invite them to share their reflections. 

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Providing a training platform to employees and new hires will keep them motivated and engaged in their work as they can learn a new skill if required in their work on the spot.

Jade Rosario

Jade Rosario

08 Oct, 2021

    Feedback is key! Reach out to the previous attendees and ask them what went wrong and how things can be improved. Not only do you get your feedback, but it also shows your employees how invested you are in making these programs better for them.


    Voula Kleonakou

    05 Oct, 2021

      As far as I am concerned, we can improve the performance of corporate learning programs by making the right investment decisions and learning schedules to boost the employee skillset from a corporate perspective. It comprises learning trackers, soft skills training, employee feedback, relevant learning paths, and recognizing individual achievements. This will prove fruitful in creating a positive impact on individual employee's performance along with their job satisfaction.


      Alex Gillen

      04 Oct, 2021