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The Amplification Report

Expert analysis of the digital aspects of your business

We analyze your digital needs

Our consultants use their expertise in the IT industry to analyze the digital aspects of your business.

This analysis is the basis for the Amplification Report, a document that identifies opportunity areas to amplify the digital potential of your business.

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Computer on the table

How we analyze your business

We help you at any point in your digital journey. Don’t wait till you’re drowning in tech issues.

With a tailored approach to match your project, our consultants take a deep dive into your project and your current business to define the right course of action.

Through stakeholder interviews and document analysis, the assessment covers 6 areas that range from business processes to leadership.

The result is a report that features our analysis, a recommendation for the next steps, and the companies that best match the job.

Amplification Report

An expert analysis of your organization's present state with a roadmap for success.
Our team identifies digital opportunities and provides a strategy to put to action.


  • 1

    Business Analysis

    We take a deep dive into your company to analyze all the relevant parameters of your business and/or project, such as technology, business process, and leadership - to name a few.

  • 2

    Strategy Development

    To define the actions you need to achieve your digital goals, our team develops a series of analyses, such as SWOT, gap analysis, and more. In the end, you receive our complete assessment of opportunity areas to amplify your digital potential.

  • 3

    Provider Matching

    After defining the best course of action for your project, we find the most suitable and qualified providers for the job. We are solution agnostic, which means we don’t push products and services you don’t need.

What you get

  • A full report with our business analysis, a strategy to capitalize on your digital
    opportunities, and technology providers which best match your project and
    business needs.

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